A Better Brew is a quest given by merchants. The player need to acquire three spider fangs.

Dialogue Edit

A Better Brew


Hello Traveler. If you are interested, I have a task for you. Here recently I've been encountering some less than pleasant pirates in my shop. They often steal my things and harass me as they pillage my island. I've come up with an idea to get them back. I'm going to poison some rum and sell it to them. To do this however, I need three spider fangs. I can use a little bit of the poison to make an amulet for you that will help you to build up an immunity to te poison.

Walkthrough Edit

The only way to find spider fangs is to kill spiders. Spiders spawn on uninhabited islands and ancient islands at night. The small one does little damage, but the large spiders can be dangerous to new adventurers (but drops more items).

Once you got 3 spider fangs, return to the merchant to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 29E / 9S