A Fool and his Impatience is a common book found on dead pirates.


  • Captain Jakoth


A Fool and His Impatience

My anger had never been more fierce than it was that day. The crew and I were planning a secret attack on a base of pirates. We had stealthily approached their camp and were positioned on the outside ready to attack. I wanted to ensure our raid was as efficient as possible so I started to go over the strategy with the fellow crew. As I'm going over the plan to ensure our victory, this fool of a soldier named Leeroy decides he can't wait any longer! In the middle of my speech he gets up and charges into the encampment by his lonesome, screaming out in a battle cry his very name! What an impotent fool!

I'm thankful to report that we came out alive that day though not by much. We lose many men that could have been spared, including Leeroy, that idiot.

Captain Jakoth

Trivia Edit

  • This book is a reference to the iconic video and meme, Leeroy Jenkins.