A Hard Find is a quest given by the Merchant. It's one of the easiest quests, requiring the player to only acquire 30 Wood Logs to complete.

Description Edit

A strange talkin' merchant has too many hardwood logs on his hands. He will trade five of the hardwood logs for thirty regular logs.

— Journal

Quest Dialogue Edit

Beginning the quest:

A Hard Find


I don't know if you be the gatherin' type or not. Let me look at ye... Mmm... Hmm... I see me some GATHERIN' HANDS! Ye been gatherin' ye some logs, haven't ya? Mmm... Hmm... Can't resist, can ya? Hard to pass up, they are. "Specially them hardwood logs. Hard to spot they are, but to a trained eye, they pop out like a bald pirate on a hairy hill... Hmm... Ehh, nevermind. I never was too good at them simple-mabobs. Anywhosers, I get meself all in ruffle everytime I see me a hardwood log layin' there. I can't pass 'er up. Now I be sittin' here with me an over-abundance. I don't want to be burnin' them for firewood. I'd rather be usin' regular logs for that. I'll make ye a deal. I'll give ye a whole stack of five hardwood logs if ye bring me thirty of them regular logs.

Turning in the quest:

Deliver Logs


Thanks fer the burnin' wood. Here's ye that stack of hardwood that I collected up.

Walkthrough Edit

The Merchant wants you to collect 30 Wood logs for firewood in exchange for 5 Hardwood Logs. Simply search any island other than a Desert Island for Wood Logs and return to the same Merchant to finish the quest.

Rewards Edit

Coordinates Edit

Merchants that give this quest can be found at the following locations with the default seed:

15 East, 46 North 22 East, 38 North 4 West, 8 South 4 East, 40 South
42 East, 24 South 48 East, 46 South

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