A Hunter's Guide Vol. 1 is a common book found in Hunting Shack.



A Brief Overview

Hunting is really more of an art than a sport. It's the process of slowly growing closer to nature and becoming one with the hunt. As you spend countless days and nights drenched in the aura of the woods, you begin to feel at home. Armed with nothing more than a bow and a satchel, you develop into someone who can comfortably spend long amounts of time searching for game.

However, to truly be a master hunter, you must hone your skills. You must engage in the hunt daily and learn all there is to know of the art. Hunting is not for the impatient man but for the man who is willing to wait for the perfect moment. The perfect opportunity.

This guide is ment to give you a basic foundation for hunting and will put you on the path of becoming a more experienced hunter. The rest, is up to you.

Preparing for the Hunt

Before you go out into the wild, you must be prepared. No skilled hunter goes on a hunting adventure without first planning ahead and ensuring that he has all he needs for the trip. The first thing you'll want to do is prepare yourself some food. You can find fruit in the wild that will give you the stamina you'll need to hunt the most elusive of prey. If you don't want to eat fruit, you could consider fishing for food. I've also heard of some mushrooms that can be found in forests that might prove to be particularly useful for long sprints.

Once you've got food, it's time to make some potions. While you are out in the forest, be on the look out for white and black flowers. These will allow you to make both healing potions and poisons. The healing potions can be useful if you encounter any danger during your adventure, and the poisons will help you more quickly take down your prey.

You'll also want to consider making a torch and carrying with you some materials for a campfire. Though not completely necessary, some nights can prove extremely dark and either sleeping through the night or navigating with a torch will behoove you.

And last but not least, your bow and arrows. Your bow is your best friend during hunts. It should never leave your side and you should always be prepared to quickly use it when needed. Always be on the lookout for quality bow and arrows. The more powerful your weapon and arrows, the more effective you will be at hunting.