A Hunter's Guide Vol. 2
common Lore Book
A basic guide to hunting.

{{{DamageMultiplier}}}x Damage Multiplier
{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
{{{ArrowSpeed}}} Arrow Speed
{{{Pierce}}} Pierce
{{{RetrieveChance}}} Retrieve Chance
Bait Consumed Chance: {{{BaitConsumedChance}}}%
{{{CritChance}}} Critical Hit Chance
{{{CritMultiplier}}}x Critical Hit Multiplier
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Health Points: {{{Health}}}
Resistances: {{{Resistances}}}
Weaknesses: {{{Weaknesses}}}
{{{CombatStaminaExaustionDuration}}} Stamina Exhaustion Recovery Speed
{{{CombatStaminaRecoveryDuration}}} Stamina Regeneration
{{{MaxCombatStamina}}} Max Stamina
{{{MaxHealth}}} Max Health
{{{HealthRegen}}} Health Regeneration
{{{Strength}}} Strength
{{{PoisonResistance}}} Poison Resistance
{{{Adornment}}} Adornment
{{{Food}}} Food
{{{ChanceConsumed}}}% Chance Consumed
Set Bonus: (1/{{{SetSize}}})
{{{PhysicalArmor}}} Armor
{{{Weight}}} Weight
Used to create: {{{Creates}}}
Contains: {{{Contains}}}
Crafted By: {{{CraftedBy}}}
Merchant Sells: never
Source: {{{Source}}}
Drops: {{{Drops}}}




Surviving the Wild

While out in the wild you are likely to encounter many dangers and foes. You must always be prepared for anything that will come your way. In the previous guide, we talked about how you need food to maintain a good level of stamina. But did you know that some food can provide you bonuses the help you in tight moments? While hunting deer, youll sometimes find special meat that can be particularly useful in times of need.

In addition to food, you need to make yourself some armor. You can craft some using deer pelts and plant fibers. This armor will be light but still offer some protection. Once youve got some armor, make sure you are well stocked up on arrows. You dont want to be caught off guard in the middle of a hunt by running out of arrows.

As far as surviving in the wild goes, thats the basics. Stick to these tips and youll do find out there.

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