is a quest given by the Merchant.

Description Edit

the Merchant asks to bring a ring - Old Worn Ring for him from Captain Buffbeard's.

Quest Dialogue Edit

 Hello Traveler! You look like someone who could handle yourself in a fight. I wonder if you'd be interested in hunting down and killing an old foe of mine? His name is Buffbeard. Along time ago we went into business together, and agreed to share the loot we obtained in our travels. However, one night Buffbeard betrayed me and stole my share of the treasure. He even stole my ring! I'm fairly sure he still wears it. Bring me my ring as proof of his death and I will reward you with this old cloak of mine. It is especially well made, and will help you out if you are the stealthy type.

Walkthrough  Edit

Rewards  Edit

Coordinates  Edit

Merchants that give this quest can be found at the following locations with the default seed:

3 West / 48 south; 61 E/ 19 S

Buffbeard locations ( only western cords ):

13 West / 0 South ( 0 North), 8 West / 6 South, 3 West / 45 South (recomended)

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