An Upper Bloom is a quest given by merchants. The player need to collect 10 hightop blooms found on mountainous islands.

Dialogue Edit

An Upper Bloom


Mmm...hmmm... Greetings, friend. Would you be interested in purchasing anything from my wares? Oh, also, I have a special task for you if you are willing. You see, in my younger days, I was a great explorer. I explored every island in these parts thrice over, and I got particularly good at climbing to the top of the mountainous islands. Not only did I enjoy the view, there is a special type of flower that grows up high. This flower does wonders for your muscles when prepared properly. I am getting weaker as the years roll by, and I could do with a fresh batch of these flowers. The problem is, I am not the climber that I used to be. Bring me ten of these flowers and I will reward you with my old climbing boots. The flowers are orange in color. Look for them in the highest peaks.

Walkthrough Edit

The Hightop Bloom is an uncommon orange flower that spawn only at the top of mountains. The player need to find a large mountainous island (or small, but the amount of flowers is smaller) and climb to the top of the mountain. You can try to jump/sidestep on green patches to make your way to the top, but a climbing rope will definitely help you. Once you're high enough, you should see orange flowers. Grab 10 of them and return to the merchant to complete the quest.

Rewards Edit

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 48E / 33S