The Ancestral Awakening is a pair of epic gloves in Salt. It is one of the possible awards when turning in 7 Sea Scholar's Tokens to the Sea Scholar.

In addition to 12 Armor, when you kill a pirate, it will trigger ThreeKnivesEffectIconAncestral Awakening , which provides a +8% critical hit chance bonus for 60 seconds.

Here is a list of the awards from Sea Scholar:

Trivia Edit

  • There is a corresponding pair of gloves, Warfists, one of the possible awards when turning in 7 Sea Hunter's Tokens to the Sea Hunter, except that it provides 14 armor, and 10 strength bonus for 40 seconds instead of critical hit chance bonus when killing a pirate.
  • After the

ThreeKnivesEffectIconAncestral Awakening

is triggered, the effect will remain even if Ancestral Awakening is replaced or removed, so it is possible to equip other gloves (eg. Warfists) for other bonuses.

History Edit

  • Before the Update 2.0 Multiplayer, Ancestral Awakening provides +20% Critical Hit Chance, the onkill effect is nerfed to 8%.