{{ItemTooltip |imageBIG=Overworld Casket.jpg |Name=Ancient Sarcophagus |TrueType = Ancient |Subtype=Location |Rarity=uncommon |Description=Ancient Sarcophagus

  • Ancient Bow
  • Ancient Pickaxe
  • Ancient Helm
  • Ancient Breastplate
  • Ancient Greaves
  • Ancient Gauntlets
  • Ring of Day
  • Ring of Night |SubType=

    Ancient Sarcophagus Edit

    Ancient Sarcophaguses are a lootable containers in Salt. It can only be found on an Ancient Island and are much more common than Ancient Altars. The Sarcophagus is easy to spot from a distance, since they are always surrounded by pillars. The amount of pillars vary from 3 to 6 pillars.

    A Player may loot the Ancient Sarcophagus if they so choose.

    Loot Edit

    The type of loot is always different, but it will always be one of these:

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