This unique staff is a heavy blunt weapon and one of the mightiest weapons in Salt, a brother to another staff of the same name.

This is a weaker staff because it's crafted by combining the White Cultist's Staff with the Purified Ancient Skull which is (by the name) purified by the curse within the skull. All the same, combining the two mentioned- this staff even surpasses most weapons in terms of damage.


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  • The crafting can be reversed just by putting the Ancient Skull Staff back into the crafting window. Reversing the crafting will currently take no toll on anything you own.
  • The Ancient Skull Staff is just as effective at mining boulders as the Ancient Pickaxe.
  • This staff has a second, more magical variant, here.
  • According to Lenvell, crafting this staff with the normal Cultist's Staff, instead of the white variant, does not subdue the power of the skull. This explains why one variant of the staff is missing the magical AoE effect.