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Ankle Deep In Truth is the last quest given by the Huntsman. It can be started right after the previous quest, Man Eater.

Dialogue Edit

Ankle Deep In Truth


I... I have something to say to you. Let me preface this with saying that this is not easy for me to say. I am a very proud man. However, you have proven yourself to me, and are worthy of hearing my secret, and perhaps helping me, if you would.

You see, one day while tromping trough the jungle as usual, I was a little too distracted. My conceit allowed me to believe I was impervious to making novice mistakes, especially after a lifetime of making none. I... I... I stepped on a poisonous plant. My ankles were poisoned. Forgive me if this somehow lowers your perception of my prestige, but I humbly ask your aid in the matter.

I know exactly how to remedy the issue, but the solution is sadly beyond my reach. All of my life it has been my intelligence and capability that I have leaned on for success. Not once have I ever resorted to luck to solve one of my problems. I have no skill or experience in being lucky. It is, therefore, fittingly unlucky that luck would be my only chance at salvation. It is the key to my prison of demise.

I know of the existence of an eel with the properties that I need. Its shock will denature the poison in my veins. I am not well learned in the ways of fishing, but I know you need two things to catch this eel. One is this eel bait that I obtained through dubious means. Second, you have to have a special kind of fisherman's luck.

This fisherman's luck I do not possess. Can you somehow obtain this eel for me? In exchange for the eel, I will trade you one of my boats. I call her my little jungle skimmy. I would miss her, but my ankles can bear no more.

Give him the eel


You have it? You have the eel? Give it here, quickly! ... *zzzt* OUCH! ... Ah, sweet relief. My ankles. They are starting to feel normal again. Thank you my friend. As promised, here is my Skimmy. Goodbye Skimmy. We have tasted many salty waves together. You and I have had many adventures, and you have seen many great things. Now it is time to see the world from the perspective of a new captain. It will be good for you. May your sails ever rustle in the breeze of glory.

Walkthrough Edit

To catch an Electric Eel, the player needs to have the Lucky Fisherman's Hat equipped and also needs to use Eel Bait. The eel can be caught only in the proximity of a jungle island. If all the eel bait have been consumed, it's possible to ask for more to the huntsman.

If the player prefers it, the eel can be bought from the Fisherman when this quest starts for 1 Blue Crab.

Reward Edit