In Salt, the player needs to be protected to be able to face certain enemies besides dodging and blocking an enemies attacks. Armor provides both physical armoring and gives the player attributes and stats if wearing the right type of armor or the combination of different armor types. No types of armor are the same in Salt, as they all provide different attributes, effects, and stats, as well as looking different and can either be only crafted or obtained by looting. In this page, you as the player of Salt are here for information, and we will be as specific about the topic as we can to help you survive the dangers in Salt, both in broad daylight and in the blackness of the night.

Basic Information Edit

The player has base Health of 60, and this can be increased permanently or temporarily with the use of items, or wearables (Read about it here). But of all the Max-Health provided things in Salt still do not cut it when more dangerous enemies attack the player. Armor is a way to absorb damage given by enemies. In Salt, this means adding "Physical Armor",- the base damage that is received by the player can be reduced.

If the player is wearing armor that has e.g. 10 Physical damage, then that armor absorbs that amount of damage taken.

Examples of damage absorption Edit

Scenario: Player has e.g. 10 Physical armor in total and is hit by a pirate who does 14 damage (HP) to the player in one hit.

  • Armor takes 10 Hit points
  • 4 Hit points damage the player.

Scenario: Player has e.g. 10 Physical armor in total and is hit by a pirate who does 9 damage (HP) to the player in one hit.

  • Armor takes 10 Hit Points
  • Additional 2 Hit Points automaticly added to damage the player by at least 1 Hit Point.

The last scenario is not known whether to be a bug or to give realism to the game. Since Armor can not be destroyed, this simply means that the player can not be invincible.

All information listed in "Examples of damage absorption," are tested, checked and confirmed by Yngve90. If this information is not correct after future updates (after version 1.4.2), please help edit this information to avoid wrong information.

Types of Armor Edit

Salt has tons of variations when it comes to combining types of armor. All armor types are made specific for different parts of the body:

  • Head
  • Chest
  • Belts
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots
  • Outerwear
  • Eyepatches, necklaces and similar

Note: If the player equips e.g. a type of head armor and have already another head armor equipped, then the selected head armor will replace the existing one.

Types of armor are different from what kind of materials are used to craft the armor, or if the armor is obtained by looting dead enemies and containers- or obtained by doing quests (example from the Treasure Hunter):

Crafting Edit

Besides looting enemies or being rewarded for finishing quests, the player has the option of crafting armor. This is the best starting point for new players who wish to be better protected early in the game. Crafting requires materials, and materials need to be obtained.

Leather Armor Edit

The easiest starting point is to kill a regular Deer and collect its Pelts. If the player has 3 Deer Pelts or more (and have obtained a few Plant Fibers), the player will have all available options for crafting all types of Leather Armor:

If the player is able to kill a White Deer (Less common):

If the player is able to kill a Black Deer (Rare):

Later in the game, when exploring the outer reaches of the known world of Salt, players will encounter Tigers that also provide Leather and additional crafting options:

Note: Be prepared before taking on Jungle Islands!

Turtle Armor Edit

Turtle Armor is obtained by combining Sea Turtle Shell and any pelt (Not Tiger Pelts). Turtle armor is notable for being nearly half the weight of other armors while providing comparable physical armor.

Ironite Armor Edit

Ironite is much harder to come by in Salt. Ironite can be obtained by buying it from Merchants, destroying boulders that contain Ironite Ore, or if the player is lucky enough- craft the material by salvaging 3 broken pirate axes (rare). If the material is obtained, players can craft a much tougher armor type, but there are only 2 crafting options for Ironite armor:

Ancient Armor Edit

Ancient armor is the hardest to come by, as it is not possible to buy from a merchant or loot from common pirates. It is only obtained by looting Ancient Metal from Ancient Statues or looted from Ancient Sarcophagus. However compared to Ironite Armor, Ancient Armor can be crafted into a whole set of 4:

List of all Lootable-Only Armor Edit

Here is a full list of all currently known equipable armor types that is only obtained by looting or given as rewards for completing quests:

From Pirates: Edit

From Creatures: Edit

From Ancient Enemies and Ancient Sarcophagus: Edit

From Cultists: Edit

From Quests: Edit

Note: The list may be incomplete. If any armor-types are not listed here, please correct it so the list may be complete.

Armor Effects and Attributes Edit

Some of the mentioned types of armor provide extra stats for the player and some of the mentioned above do not even provide Physical Armor at all, but only other effects. A few armor types provide more than one effect when equipped. Here is a short list of the known effects that some types of armor provide:

Known Effects: Edit

  • Physical Armor (Take less damage per hit/Armor absorbs damage)
  • Camouflage (Harder to spot the player)
  • Strength (Doing more damage)
  • Max Health (Additional health limit)
  • Regen Health (Rate of regeneration)
  • Adornment (Increasing gold when selling and decreasing cost of buying)
  • Bonus Power at Night (Not yet known)
  • Weight (Decreases sprint speed)
  • Decreasing Health potion cooldown (decreasing cooldown time before health potions can be consumed again)
  • Increasing chance of finding more Gold on a pirate
  • Light (making the player a light-source)

Note: The list may be incomplete. If any effects, stats or attributes are not listed here, please correct it so the list may be complete.

Source Edit

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