Arnath's Journal is a rare book found ???.

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Arnath's Journal

Entry 1

I met an alchemist today by the name of Salin. While I was out hunting for food I came across his shack deep within the forest. In all my days of adventuring I have never quite met an alchemist quite like him. He seems to have his heart set on creating a special ring, as he calls it. Whether he will succeed, I do not know.

In any case, Salin seem to have a particularly useful skill when it came to making poisons. He showed me a variety of potions he had crafted and made using various herbs in the world. It then occurred to me that it may be possible for Salin to imbue a weapon with such potency. I asked him if he thought he could add a poisonous effect to my bow. He thought about it for a while and then finally said he was willing to give it a try.

He told me to leave my bow with him and come back the next day to see if he was successful. And so I left him to it.

Entry 2

Upon my return to the shack, Salin was nowhere to be found. In the corner of the room lay my bow and a note. The note read, "Dear Arnath. I've gone in search of something in important and I'm not sure when I shall return. I am pleased to say the experiment with your bow has proven successful. I think you'll find your new weapon rather powerful now. Best of luck and I hope we meet again soon."

After reading the note I glanced down at my bow and noticed it appeared different than normal. The bow was now a dark black color and was etched with a glowing green poisonous look.

I was slightly afraid to even pick the bow up, but I trusted Salin that the bow would not hurt me. When I finally picked up the bow I could feel that something was different. The bow felt more powerful than before. It was time we test this new weapon out.

Entry 3

I'm pleased to say that the new bow works remarkably. My hunting adventures are becoming less difficult as my enemy is often poisoned and eventually defeated by my new bow. Salin has truly outdone himself. He is a powerful alchemist, no doubt about that. I wonder what kind of ring he's trying to make?