Baiting The Bass is the first quest given by the Sea Fisher, thus the first quest in the Sea Fisher's Guild quest line.

Dialogue Edit

Baiting the bass


Here to join the Sea Fishers are ya? Well alright then. Let's see what you're made of.

To start, let's test your basic fishing skills. If you haven't got a fishin' pole yet, go grab you some bamboo, plant fibers, and a ripe tree fruit and fashion yourself one.

What I want you to do is bring me a Large Mouth Sea Bass. These fish are fairly common so you shouldn't have too much trouble catching one. Prove yourself worthy and you'll have access to our initiate gear.

Walkthrough Edit

This quest requires you to catch a Large Mouth Sea Bass. You can catch it at sea or on shores, but it remains pretty rare compared to other sea basses. It has been accomplished with a Green Fishing Lure and the Bamboo Fishing Pole, but you can also use Bait Fish.

Reward Edit