Battlemaster settlement island

The Battlemaster Settlement island is filled with tougher pirates, compared to the Pirate Camp Island. These islands are characterized by tree stumps scattered all around the island. An orange tinge to the vegetation is visible as well as multiple pirate flags randomly placed. They are more commonly found past 20 N/W/E/S and always large in size.

Overview Edit

They usually contain 1-5 pirate villages and at least 10 pirate battlemasters. Occasionally Silver Pirate Chests can also be found on these islands with valuable loot, but requires Silver Chest Keys in order to open. A Silver pirate challenge chest will always spawn somewhere on the island. The magic compass can help the player to find it. The rare Grandmere Ship Painting can also be found on the ground.

This type of island is the only place where Ironite boulders can spawn.
Warning banner

Warning Flag

These islands are the only locations where the 4 Pirate Bosses appear. When all the 4 bosses have been killed, Pirate Commanders will spawn instead. It should be noted that the Pirate Boss Captains are not bound to specific islands. If one was to sail far enough away from the island then return, it is possible for another boss to respawn in its place. By doing so repeatedly, one can defeat all 4 bosses on a single island.

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Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 11E / 45N
  • 20E / 1N
  • 5W / 30S
  • 17W / 0N
  • 31W / 16S