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Battles With Bobo: Vol 2
Uncommon Lore Book
A dusty old tome

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Author: Unknown
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Battles With Bobo: Vol 2 is an uncommon book in Salt, and the second tome of the "Battles with Bobo" serie.

Battles With Bobo has 5 volumes


Battles With Bobo Vol. 2

Entry 4

The time was now. The pirates had gone off in search of who knows what, and the camp appeared empty. I looked carefully for a few minutes around the camp to ensure there was no danger. I knew if I had any hope of retrieving that blade that I must act now! My pulse quickened and I hastily made my way towards the camp. With each step I took meant another chance for the pirates to come back. As I finally made my way to the blade, my suspicions were verified. This was my sword!

After all these years I had found my way back to my blade. Seeing it here in front of me felt so surreal. As I looked on to the blade I was reminded of my home. A flood of memories swept into my mind and time seemed to slow. Nevertheless, there was no time for sentiment. I needed to grab the blade and get out of there. Lest I be captured by a gang of unruly pirates.

Entry 5

I quickly snatched up the sword and fastened it onto my belt. The weight of the blade felt right at home on my side. As I turned around to leave I heard the sound of chatter. The pirates were coming back! I had to leave and now. With haste I turned towards the forest line and ran towards the trees maintaining as much stealth as I could bare. The chatter was growing louder but I knew they hadn't seen me yet. I could do this! I could make it out of here alive.

I was a mere ten feet from the tree line when I felt a sharp pain in my leg. It felt like fire running through my veins. When the blow struck I tumbled to the ground and grunted in agony. As I looked down at my leg I could see an arrow sticking through it. My hope was suddenly dwindling.

I had been caught.

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