Battles With Bobo: Vol 5 is an uncommon book. It contains some interesting Lore.

Battles With Bobo has 5 volumes

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Battles With Bobo Vol. 5

Entry 10

The next few moments felt as though time had slowed. The sounds of the pirates chanting was muffling out and all of my focus zeroed in on this new figure. He looked at me from the dark shadows of his hood and after a few moments turned and headed into the forest. Who could this man be? And why would he interrupt my battle with this pirate captain?

I did not have long to think it through. Before I could arrive at an answer Bobo's sword was plunging towards me. My time had come. I closed my eyes and felt a quick sharp pain hit my skull. My world went black.

Entry 11

I don't know how much time had passed before I finally opened my eyes. I was awoken by the bright sunlight on the shore of an island. When I awoke I was a bit surprised that I was alive. The last attack Bobo came at with me seemed for sure that it would end my existence.

As the memories came flooding back I quickly looked around to try and get my bearings. Was this some trap? Was Bobo planning another battle? To my surprise the island I was on seemed fairly calm and quiet. There were no signs of pirates and this certainly didn't seem to be the island I was on before.

I slowly stood up and felt a sharp throbbing pain on the back of my head. I reached around and felt a large knot but no blood. Maybe Bobo had hit me with the blunt end of his axe and merely knocked me out. But why? It doesn't make sense. This pirate seemed to have it out for me. I needed more answers. I needed to know what happened.

Entry 12

I've been searching for weeks now and can't find any signs of Bobo. It seems my questions may indeed be left unanswered. Nevertheless, I will continue to search. I will continue to scour each and every island until I find out what really happened that day. Who was the hooded figure that spared Bobo his life and interrupted our battle? Why did Bobo allow me to live? I will not rest until this questions are answered. The hunt for Bobo will continue on.