BluntPickaxeIcon Blunt Pickaxe
Used to break open boulders. It lands fewer but larger critical hits.
Common Tool
-0.05 CritChance
0.2 CritMultiplier
Primary: 5 Pick, 37 delay
Secondary: 7 Pick, 45 delay (15 Stamina)
Crafted By: 2 Hardstone Ore, 1 Hardwood Log
Sell Price: 20
Merchant Sells: never

The Blunt Pickaxe is a craftable tool in Salt, primarily meant for mining boulders, but can be used as a somewhat ineffective weapon. It mines faster than the regular Pickaxe, but is surpassed in effectiveness by the Ancient Pickaxe.

 Trivia Edit

  • The Blunt Pickaxe lands fewer crits than the Pickaxe but does more critical damage. The Ancient Pickaxe is the best pickaxe in the game.

Source Edit

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