Boat Supplies Vol. 1 is a common book sold by merchants.

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  • Cass the Voyager


Fortunate is the adventurer who lives upon the sea, for their home knows no bouds. Should you find your drifting abode listless, Look to these recipes for inspiration.

Torch Holder: Mount these upon your ship walls to hold a lit torch. Mold them from one ironite ore.

Fire Pit: This will provide you with a safe place to start a small fire upon your ship, allowing you to keep warm and rest through the night. Craft it from two hardstone ores.

Storage Chest: Ease your burdens and save your back. Your boat will be happy to hold your supplies until you have need of it. Craft a storage chest from four hardstone ores and six wooden logs. If you are in need for more robust storage, craft your chest from three ironite and four hardwood logs instead.

Bed: Fine sheets can be made from the land. Craft three fine materials from strong plant fibers or silks. Use these fine materials for sheets, and four hardwood for the frame.