A big part of the world in Salt is exploring and traveling. Obtaining a boat or a ship is quite relevant in the world of Salt, in terms of speed, size, customization options and personal gain. In Salt the player will need to craft/obtain a boat in order to travel from island to island fast. Swimming is an option since it's currently not possible to drown, but it will take extremely long time. Boats and ships are either crafted or rewarded, and vary in terms of speed and sizes, handling(turning) and the rate of handling.


The player can currently set sail in 9 different vessels, all listed below.

Speed tests Edit

A speed test was done by one of the community members "B1nk13y" who tested 5 of the boat's speeds with a time trial over 6 units (from 0N to 6N) to see how fast one ship would travel from point A to B. The results are then measured in Units pr min, where units are the number coordinates on the map. (As we yet do not know how great the distance in Meters/feet are between each coordinate number). Click here for the official speed test.

The game itself is a device that measures speed in knots - a device called "chip log"

Sailing Raft Edit

Overworld Sailing Raft

Small and slow, yet easy to craft. As also mentioned in the New Player Guide you can simply stand inside the rudder to steer, without having to face the rear. One thing to be noted is that you can also power this raft by wiggling the rudder left and right. Which makes for a easy maneuvering at tight places. The Sailing Raft is also upgradeable by applying the Windy Sail, which increases the speed.

Components: 7 Wood Log, 2 Cloth Swatch

Cabins: 0

Size: small

Speed: Slow (1,11 units/min or 15 knots)

Small Sailboat Edit

Small Sailboat

A big step forward compared to the Sailing Raft. Much faster yet steers somewhat difficult, but the boat will turn back straight by itself compared to the raft. The Small Sailboat is also upgradeable by applying the Windy Sail, which increases the speed.

Components: 7 Hardwood Log, 4 Cloth Swatch

Cabins: 0

Size: small

Speed: Medium (1,43 units/m or 20 knots)

Old Pirate Ship (2 Versions) Edit

An old wooden ship found near a pirate inhabited island. It can be spotted by its mast from a mile away. It is larger than simple sails and works a little differently. Requires a large amount of Wood, Hardwood, Plant Fibers, and Cloth to fix. Once fixed it will be added to your boat inventory and can now be used as any other ship in the game. There is a red varian and a black variant of this ship, both aquired the same way.
Old Pirate ship

Pirate Ship before the Update

Components: 40 Wood Log, 10 Hardwood Log, 8 Cloth Swatch, 10 Plant Fibers

Cabins: 1

Size: Medium

Speed: Medium (1,48 units/min or 22 knots)

Pardon Pusher Edit

Pardon Pusher

A vessel originally built for the pirates. The four pieces of supplies can be found by each of the 4 boss captains. This ship is much easier to control and is currently the fastest ship in the game.

Components: Pirate Ship Hull Materials, Pirate Ship Helm Materials, Pirate Ship Sail Materials, Pirate Ship Rudder Materials.  

Pardon Pusher before the Update

Cabins: 1

Size: Large

Speed: Fast (2,48 units/min or 25 knots)

The White Narwhal Edit


The White Narwhal is a ship that only can be aquire d through a quest. The White Narwhal is a white repainted version of the Pardon Pusher. It has the same attributes.The "White Narwhal is obtained through the "Seven Piece of Eights" Quest

Cabins: 1

Size: Large

Speed: Fast (2,48 units/min or 25 knots)

The Blue Maiden Edit


The Blue Maiden is one of the largest boats of them all, currently that is. It can only be obtained via a quest called "The voyager's Maiden" which can be obtained by a Merchant.

Components: 100 Wood Log, 20 Hardwood, 5 Ironite, 7 Hardstone, 20 Cloth, 500 Gold and turn in The Voyager's Maiden quest to a Merchant
The Maiden

The Maiden before the Update

Cabins: 2 (one cabin and a lower deck cargo hold)

Size: Huge

Speed: Fast (1,90 units/min or 23 knots)

The Red Maiden Edit


The Red Maiden is so-to-speak the same ship as The Blue Maiden. The only thing that makes the differences is that it's red and aquired by crafting alone. It does however require more materials to craft than The Blue Maiden.

Components: 150 wood logs, 25 hardwood logs, 5 ironite ore, 5 hardstone ore, 15 fine materials, Red Maiden Plans.

Cabins: 2 (one cabin and a lower deck cargo hold)

Size: Huge

Speed: Fast (1,90 units/min or 23 knots)

Jungle Skimmy Edit


This ship is obtained from a quest given to you by the Huntsman on a Jungle island.

Cabins: 0

Size: Small

Speed: Medium (19 knots)

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