Overview Edit

Boulders are Salt's solution to mining. They vary in rarity, color and frequency. The big boulders cannot be mined.

Weak BoulderEdit

The most common boulder is an apricot-colored one with a black pattern. When mined it may contain:

Rich BoulderEdit

It looks like a weak boulder but has a green-colored pattern and is much rarer. It can contain the same things as weak boulders, plus:

Ironite BoulderEdit

This boulder is often found on Battlemaster settlement islands.

Cobalt Boulder Edit

This is currently the rarest boulder in the game, found only on islands with Pirate Strongholds.

Moonrock Boulder Edit

These are found only at night on uninhabited islands and have a cyan-colored neon glow during the nighttime which makes these boulders easy to see. Note that these boulders do not glow if the moon is not out.

Volatile BoulderEdit

These boulders exist only on desert Islands and usually contain 1 volatile ore per boulder. The player should be really careful when mining these boulders as they will explode when struck by a critical hit. The blast will be pretty harmful to a player without armor.

Finding special ores and materials Edit

Some ores and materials can rarely be found when mining boulders with special pickaxes:

Gallery Edit

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