The Bow of Poison is a rare, powerful, green bow imbued with poison from the fabled Spider Queen. It has a unique poisoning ability and is one of the most powerful bows in the game.

A player might abandon the Poison Arrow option as ammo in favor of the bow's ability.


Trivia Edit

  • When a player has the Bow of Poison in their inventory and asks the Innkeeper about it he says:
Innkeeper says:
Ah, so it does exist. The long fabled Bow of Poison. I had heard many tales about such a weapon, but was never fully convinced that it actually existed. The bow is said to have belonged to an archer by the name or Arnath. Little is know about Arnath, but apparently he was one of the most skilled archers that ever lived. How he came to acquire the Bow of Poison, or how he lost it, no one knows. Its whereabouts were a mystery until now.

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