Thumbs Campfire
A small fire used to rest and pass the time.

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A Campfire is a craftable, placeable item that let the player rest to pass time. once placed, the player can interact with the Campfire to rest from 1 to 12 hours, or "Rest until Sunrise/Sunset". Once the Campfire is placed, it can not be picked up or relocated.

This has the benefit of passing time as noted, but also heals the player. Food is however lost, and hunger loss/health gain depends on how many hours rested. Campfires can also be easily found on Pirate Islands, made by Pirates. These campfires can be interacted with by the player the same way the player-made campfires can.

The campfire will despawn after 12 hours.



  • Resting at a Campfire while being attacked will give you a few invincibility frames.
  • Resting at a Campfire with a Torch for an amount of time will extinguish the torch.
  • If the Campfire you rested at despawns and you click on it before it does, you can rest for another 12 hours or less only once. (bug)
  • Ancient Flaming Eye Necklace can be used to craft Campfire instead of Flintstone, The necklace is never consumed unlike Flintstone.

The Campfire is one of a few items in Salt that can produce light. The items that can produce light are:



v. Original Release(?): Introduced

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