Captain Longbrow's Journal
common Lore Book
A Captain's log

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Captain Longbrow


Captain Longbrow's Journal

My power and influence has grown in recent years. Pirates across the islands bend their knee to my will. At first, I was confused as to the reason for such submission. I mean I am a powerful Captain in my own right. But pirates are known to be an unruly bunch always prepared to commit mutiny. As I puzzled this power, I can only come to one conclusion. My hat.

I found this hat ages ago locked away in a strange chest deep within these ruins. As to who or what this hat belonged to before, I do not know. All I know is that this hat seemed to have a sort of mystical sense about it. When I put the hat on, it fit my head perfectly. I felt as if the hat were an extension of my own head. Ah, I love my hat. It is the true source of my power. So long as this hat remains atop my head, all the pirates shall bend to my will.

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