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(Equip Fisherman's Boots, Fisherman's Pants and Fisherman's Vest to get this quest)

Description: "Dressed to the nines, I see. Very god. Luck and superstition is a very important part of fishing, and you must take this into account if you are to be great. I've been doing some thinking about our elusive pink friend. I have no idea what type of bait he would be attracted to. Believe me, I've tried all that I had. So, we must work with what we do know. We know that he is pink and small. Therefore, if we use a lure that is small and pink like him, maybe it will pique his interest enough to get close and hooked.

A pink lure is something I have never used or seen before, but I suppose it would be simple enough to combine together a red lure with a white lure and mix up all of their little strands to make it appear pink. I have neither a red or white lure to spare, so for that you are on your own.

Objectives: Craft and use a Pink Fishing Lure and equip and use Fisherman's Boots, Fisherman's Pants and Fisherman's Vest to catch Elusive Joe

Reward: Lucky Fisherman's Hat

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