Adornment is a player's attribute in Salt. It is shown under the health regeneration attribute when the inventory is opened. The following points details this attribute's mechanism:

  • Every point of Adornment reduces the price you pay when you purchase items from a merchant by 0.33%. It means that at +3 Adornment, prices will be reduced by exactly 1%.
  • Prices reduced less than a full gold coin round to the nearest coin (up or down). At low Adornment levels, you're going to need to be buying a really expensive item to see a difference.
  • Adornment does not affect how much money you get when you sell items to merchants. It also doesn't affect buy-back prices -- you always pay the same amount as you got from the merchant when you first sold the item.
  • Paintings bought off the wall of a merchant's hut are a flat 200 gold and unaffected by Adornment.

Unfortunately, unless you're buying something for hundreds of gold, it really isn't worth bothering with Adornment items in the current build.

Max adornment

138 Adornment

Example: With 0 adornment, a Thermometer cost 800 gold and the Running Boots (the most expensive item in the game so far) cost 1600 gold. With 138 adornment, the thermometer cost 627 gold and the running boots cost 1253 gold.