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The Poison Effect Edit

Thumb Poison Effect

Poison is an effect in Salt that is currently the only way to gradually lose Health. The effect works on all enemy NPC's, but not on Spiders. Poison can be used by the player and enemies alike but the effect works differently from when the player poison an enemy versus an enemy poisons the player.

If the player is poisoned, Poison Antidote is the only way to remove the effect.

Poison for the player Edit

When the player poison an enemy, it does not matter how the poison is applied- the effect will happen every 3 second for 45 second, summed in 15 ticks. Poison can be applied to all types of weapons, even bombs!

Enemies with poison Edit

Poison can be caused commonly by spiders, and lasts for 45 seconds if not cured, doing a total of 15 damage. During the time of the effect, the player can not be poisoned again.

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