A Set Bonus is something achieved by wearing a full set of clothing from one clothing type.

Usually, the set bonus gives the player a stat/effect that lasts for as long the player wears the set, and the "reward" vary from sailing faster and walking faster to disquise the player and avoid being attacked by certain enemies.

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Armors/Clothing that provide a Set Bonus Edit

White Deer Hide Set
White Deer Hide Boots
White Deer Hide Pants
White Deer Hide Tunic
Set Bonus: Sprint faster during the day
Pirate Set
Pirate Booties
Pirate Pants
Pirate Tunic
Pirate Hat
Set Bonus: Sail Faster
Battlemaster Set
Battlemaster Boots
Battlemaster Pants
Battlemaster Tunic
Set Bonus: Sprinting uses less stamina
Commander's Set
Commander's Boots
Commander's Pants
Commander's Tunic
Commander's Gloves
Commander's Ring
Set Bonus: Increases Strength
Cultist Set
Cultist Pants
Cultist Belt
Cultist Robe
Set Bonus: More powerful at night.

+ 10Max Health, + 10 Strength, Walk x2 faster (No stamina cost)

Poacher Set
Poacher's Boots
Poacher's Pants
Poacher's Tunic
Set Bonus: Poacher Disguise: "You appear to be a common poacher"

Poachers do not attack the player unless attacked.

Fisherman's Set
Fisherman's Boots
Fisherman's Pants
Fisherman's Vest
Set Bonus: Allows you to catch "Elusive Joe"
Tiger Set
Tiger Hide Boots
Tiger Hide Pants
Tiger Hide Tunic
Set Bonus: Increased camoflage and reduced walk noise
Stalker's Set
Stalker's Boots
Stalker's Breeches
Stalker's Shirt
Set Bonus: Sneaking costs no stamina
Stag Set
Stag Hide Boots
Stag Hide Pants
Stag Hide Tunic
Set Bonus: 20 additional stamina

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