The Ceremonial Mace of the Ancients is an epic one-handed weapon that can only be obtained by killing and looting The Dark Guardian. It's one of the most powerful mace in the game, and it can also be used to mine Boulders, just like any Club.

When used in combat, this mace will have increased chance of doing critical damage after an initial critical hit.

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DripFromSliceEffectIconCeremonial Bloodlust

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Trivia Edit

  • This weapon can also be used on Boulders. It does not seem to work on Ironite Boulders or the Ancient Statues.
  • The Mace can be obtained multiple times by finding another The Dark Guardian.

History Edit

  • This weapon has been nerfed in the 1.9.6 Update. The previous stats were 25 blunt damage on primary attack and 50 blunt damage on secondary.

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