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Challenge Chests are a unique type of chest that can be found on various islands, that require the player to defeat all Pirates or hunt all Deer on said island in order to be unlocked. They contain a variety of loot, and will always contain either Pirate Tokens, or Hunter Tokens depending on their type.

Pirate Challenge Chests Edit

Pirate Challenge Chests come in 3 tiers: Bronze, Silver and Gold, which can appear on Pirate Camps, Battlemaster Settlements and Pirate Strongholds respectively. Each tier can contain increasingly rare loot.

Bronze Edit

BronzePirateChallengeChestThe Bronze Pirate Challenge Chests are easily the most common as they tend to spawn on any Pirate Camp Island. Because of this they are also generally the easiest to unlock, requiring the player to kill 5 to 15 pirates, depending on the island's size.

Along with always containing 1 to 2 Pirate Tokens, they can also contain any of the following:

Silver Edit

SilverPirateChallengeChestThe Bronze Pirate Challenge Chests are the second tier of Pirate Challenge Chests and can be found only on Battlemaster Settlements.

Along with the usual 1 to 3 Pirate Tokens, they can also contain:

Gold Edit

GoldPirateChallengeChestThe Gold Pirate Challenge Chests are quite difficult to unlock, as they only appear on Pirate Stronghold Islands, which can easily have upwards of 60 Pirates, and thus require the player to kill every one in order to be unlocked.

Along with the usual 3 Pirate Tokens, they can also contain:

Hunter Challenge Chests Edit

HunterChallengeChestHunter Challenge Chests only appear on Uninhabited Islands. They require the player to hunt every Deer on the island in order to be unlocked and contain unique loot designed for hunters, as well as Hunter Tokens.

There is (seemingly) only one tier of Hunter Challenge Chest, and along with 1 to 2 Hunter Tokens, it can contain the following items:

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