Cobalt Torch Holder
Can be used to hold torches.

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Merchant Sells: never
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The Cobalt Torch Holder is a rare Ship Customization item that can be place in your ship as decoration and to provide light. The Torch holder (as well as any other kind of ship decoration) can be placed anywhere on any boat.

The Cobalt Torch holder is both a form for ship-decoration and works as a light source. For it to work as a light source, make sure you have a Torch in your inventory or craft one. Once in inventory, go up to the Torch Holder and press the interaction key (E by default) to place the Torch, which also lights the Torch. This light will never go out.

Interacting with the holder again removes the Torch from the Torch Holder and moving the Torch back to your inventory.

Crafting Edit

Source Edit

Trivia Edit

The Cobalt Torch Holder is one of a few items in Salt that can produce light. The items that can produce light are:

The Cobalt Torch Holder functions identically to the Torch Holder, with the only difference being its blue color.

Gallery Edit

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