Creatures of the Night
common Lore Book

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Author: Atgur
Merchant Sells: never
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Creatures of the Night

Not many adventurers are brave enough to traverse islands at night. And for good reason. Tales of dark creatures that lurk in the shadows ready to take their next victim, are widespread among the ears of most travelers these days. These creatures are said to be giant spiders, big enough to eat most men whole.

In my time spent gathering information about these creatures I've come to learn a few things. Most folks think these creatures come from a time very different than our own. They are thought to be the result of a dark magic practiced ages ago that still persists through the veins of their offspring. No one has ever seen one of these during the day and so it is fairly certain they are only out at night. There have also been reports of numerous types and sizes of the creatures. Some men have come back from their travels at night scared to even speak of what they saw.

What I do know for certain is this. Any adventurer planning to go out at night should arm himself well and keep his eyes open and alert at all times.



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