Crimson Sea Anaconda
A huge snake. It contains remnants from a previous meal in it's belly.

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{{{Food}}} Food
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The Crimson Sea Anaconda is a epic Jungle snake, categorized as a "fish" and only obtained by Fishing. The best chance of catching this beast is to use the Gambler's Lure (Speculation).

The Anaconda is not food nor quest-related, but it can be "looted" for 50% chance of getting either of the following items:

How to obtain Edit

Little is yet known on how to catch this creature. It is speculated that it's more likely to be caught during daytime, close to an Jungle Island, using the Gambler's Lure and no other fishing-stat providables.

Source Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Anaconda's are known to squeeze the air out of big preys, like a pig (or in this case, humans). Chestguard of the Sunken Hero is likely the remnant of some sort of historical hero that was eaten by the Crimson Sea Anaconda.

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