Crown of the Pirate Lord
Legendary Armor
You are a pirate lord. Gain a large boost to strength and speed when you kill a pirate.

{{{DamageMultiplier}}}x Damage Multiplier
{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
{{{ArrowSpeed}}} Arrow Speed
{{{Pierce}}} Pierce
{{{RetrieveChance}}} Retrieve Chance
Bait Consumed Chance: {{{BaitConsumedChance}}}%
{{{CritChance}}} Critical Hit Chance
{{{CritMultiplier}}}x Critical Hit Multiplier
Primary: {{{Primary}}}
Secondary: {{{Secondary}}}
On Block:
Health Points: {{{Health}}}
Resistances: {{{Resistances}}}
Weaknesses: {{{Weaknesses}}}
Pirates killed while equipped: 0
{{{CombatStaminaExaustionDuration}}} Stamina Exhaustion Recovery Speed
{{{CombatStaminaRecoveryDuration}}} Stamina Regeneration
{{{MaxCombatStamina}}} Max Stamina
{{{MaxHealth}}} Max Health
{{{HealthRegen}}} Health Regeneration
{{{Strength}}} Strength
{{{PoisonResistance}}} Poison Resistance
15 Adornment
{{{Food}}} Food
{{{ChanceConsumed}}}% Chance Consumed
Set Bonus: (1/{{{SetSize}}})
20 (Vs. Pirates) Armor
Used to create: {{{Creates}}}
Contains: {{{Contains}}}
Crafted By: {{{CraftedBy}}}
Author: {{{Author}}}
Merchant Sells: Never
Drops: {{{Drops}}}
GoldCoinMiniIcon Unknown

The Crown of the Pirate Lord is a legendary item that is obtained upon completing all of the requirements for the Pirate King's Crown. Along with having the highest adornment of any item in the game, it provides 20 defense against pirates. Upon killing a pirate, it will grant two buffs that last for a minute, one giving you 35 Strength while the other gives you 3 Speed.


Although the item's tooltip says that it gives 20 Axe Armor, it actually gives 20 armor against all pirates, regardless of what weapon they're using. This is probably because before the introduction of Pirate Strongholds, all pirates used axes as weapons.

The Crown of the Pirate Lord is the only piece of headgear that gives adornment, and is the only legendary piece of armor currently in the game.

Crown of the Pirate Lord is one of many items in the game that increase the players Adornment. The items that increase Adornment are:

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