Cultist: Truth or Myth?
Common Lore Book
An old book of history.

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Author: Atgur
Merchant Sells:
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Cultist: Truth or Myth? is a common book in Salt. It can be obtained by looting Cultists or Bronze Pirate Chests.


Source Edit


Cultist: Truth or Myth?

Many rumors have been spread over the past century about the existence of a group of people known as "Cultists". Depending on whom you hear it from, you may get varying information, but most would agree on this: Cultist, if they exist, live in a dark place. Cultists are said to practice a dark and ancient magic from a long forgotten race. The magic they practice is both dangerous and evil. It involves rituals and sacrifices that often kill the individual involved.

No one knows where the Cultist came from or when they came into existence. They are thought to be found around ritual sites during certain events, but this is mere hearsay. To this day, this group of people remains largely mysterious and no one is certain they even exist.


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