Cultist Elder are partially a quest-related enemy as well as the leader of the Cultists and the most dangerous one. His face is covered with the skull of an animal and bone horns emerge from his hood, most likely an indication about his status within the Cult.

He also carries the White Cultist's Staff as his weapon, which does a lot of damage.

Spawning Edit

Once the player blows in the Cultist's Horn and the Cultist Elder spawns (if available land), the player will probably hear the sound of an enemy getting hurt. This sound is the Cultist Elder imbuing his staff with his blood, taking damage in the process.

When closing into a Cultist Elder, a dark-themed soundtrack will play and fade out once the player is either out of reach/sight or the Cultist Elder is defeated.

Combat Edit

Although the Cultist Elder has no ranged attacks, he is more dangerous in melee than a Pirate Battlemaster. The player should stack up on White Flower Potions and Bandages before blowing the Cultist's Horn. The staff which he is carrying is imbued with his blood, doubling the damage taken from the staff.

If he has lost some health and the player have not damaged the Cultist Elder, then this is the reason why.

A dark soundtrack will play when the elder is near the player.

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Trivia Edit

  • The Cultist Elder may spawn multiple times after he is killed, once the spawning criteria allow it. It does not have to be close to a Cultists Altar, it just has to be at night.

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