Deep Sea Lure
A lure used to catch fish in the depths of the ocean.

Use: Fishing Bait
{{{DamageMultiplier}}}x Damage Multiplier
{{{DrawSpeed}}} Draw Speed
{{{ArrowSpeed}}} Arrow Speed
{{{Pierce}}} Pierce
{{{RetrieveChance}}} Retrieve Chance
Bait Consumed Chance: %
{{{CritChance}}} Critical Hit Chance
{{{CritMultiplier}}}x Critical Hit Multiplier
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On Block:
Health Points: {{{Health}}}
Resistances: {{{Resistances}}}
Weaknesses: {{{Weaknesses}}}
{{{CombatStaminaExaustionDuration}}} Stamina Exhaustion Recovery Speed
{{{CombatStaminaRecoveryDuration}}} Stamina Regeneration
{{{MaxCombatStamina}}} Max Stamina
{{{MaxHealth}}} Max Health
{{{HealthRegen}}} Health Regeneration
{{{Strength}}} Strength
{{{PoisonResistance}}} Poison Resistance
{{{Adornment}}} Adornment
{{{Food}}} Food
10% Chance Consumed
Set Bonus: (1/{{{SetSize}}})
{{{PhysicalArmor}}} Armor
{{{Weight}}} Weight
Used to create: {{{Creates}}}
Contains: {{{Contains}}}
Crafted By: {{{CraftedBy}}}
Author: {{{Author}}}
Merchant Sells:
Source: Fisherman
Drops: {{{Drops}}}
GoldCoinMiniIcon 70

The Deep Sea Lure is a uncommon bait for Fishing. It can only be obtained by buying it from the Fisherman, using Large Mouth Sea Bass as currency. It will be obtainable once the player finishes Catching Elusive Joe (Quest).

This lure is designet to catch deep sea fishes, but it's not know yet if it's some exact type of fish.

Source Edit

Trivia Edit

  • It's possible that this item is both possible to buy before Catching Elusive Joe, and it's not possible to buy after it. If it's not listed in the Fisherman's inventory, travel from the Jungle Island he is at until it despawns, and return. It should be possible to buy it now.

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