The deer is one of the two visible animals in Salt, along with birds.

Deers will run away if the player comes too close or if the animal gets hit by an arrow. Therefore, a ranged weapon is the best option for putting down the animal. Deers do not react to the presence of enemies.

They can appear on almost all types of islands, excluding Pirate King Settlements and Desert Islands.

On Uninhabited Islands, the player can sometimes find a hunting shack containing a Hunter Challenge Chest. The player needs to kill all the deers on the island to open the chest.

A dead deer.

Picture of a dead brown Deer.

Brown Deer (common) Edit


Dead Albino deer

Picture of a dead Albino Deer

White Deer (uncommon) Edit

Only spawns during the day.


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Picture of a dead Black Deer.

Black Deer (uncommon) Edit

Only spawns during the night and is a faster runner than most types of deer.


A dead deer.

Scent-Lured Deer (common) Edit

Only spawns when Deer Scent is used. It's identical to the Brown Deer.


The Alpha Stag (rare) Edit

Only spawns when Deer Scent is used.


Tips Edit

  • Sneaking with (CTRL) behind a deer will let you get in for a sneak attack. If you have a beefy weapon, you can take the deer's health down by at least 60% and finish it with a bow.
  • If a deer runs away from you and out of range, stop shooting and follow it. Usually, deer run straight, and will randomly stop at a certain point.
  • While sprinting, Running Boots give you enough speed to keep up with fleeing deer.
  • While walking, if wearing a full set of white deer armor, you are faster than a deer.
  • Hunter's Arrow is very useful, downing the game in one shot almost every time. Ancient Shard Arrow is even more powerful.
  • If you sneak up behind a deer, and stab it with the dagger (which does double damage on a back attack) as long as the dagger has decent damage, you should take about 1/2 its health, continue to chase the deer, and stab it with the dagger, even if the deer is running, it still does double damage, so 2 or 3 hits should kill it.

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