Deer Guts can only be obtained by killing and looting a Deer.

Fishing Table (Player-based estimation)Edit

deep sea, 36-48 hours, master clothes, hat, master pole; results:

using deer guts 55-60
caught Gangly Gompler -
   small mouth sea bass 25
   medium mouth sea bass 18
   large mouth sea bass 9
   huge mouth sea bass -
   shark 10
   jellyfish 3
   herring 5
   piranha 18
   seaweed 3
   electric eel 8
   red salmon 11
   dragonfish -
   flotsom 3

shallow water, at night 2*12=24 hours, pirats government island

master clothes, hat, master pole; results:

using deer guts 50-60
   small mouth sea bass 23
   medium mouth sea bass 7
   large mouth sea bass 4
   herring 5
   flotsom 5
   seaweed 3
   electric eel 5
   orange garibaldi 4
   red crab 6
   night skimmer 15
   sea turtle shell 3
   grouperfish 4
   angel fish 7
   firefish 4
   boxfish 2
Item Name Likelihood Deep Water? Time of Day? Comments
Small Mouth Sea Bass
Medium Mouth Sea Bass
Large Mouth Sea Bass
Huge Mouth Sea Bass
Gigantic Mouth Sea Bass
Red Salmon
Orange Garibaldi
Dragon Fish
Bait Fish
Sea Turtle Shell


Can be used as fishing bait.

Statistics: Edit

  • Bait consumed chance: 50%

How to Obtain: Edit

  • Kill and loot a Deer


Deer Guts is one of two Baits that can be obtained by killing an enemy. The other is Spider Guts

Deer Guts is one of 6 items dropped from a Deer.

Deer Drop: