Do or Dig is one of the quest given by the Treasure Hunter.

Dialogue Edit

Do or Dig


Adventurer! Can you help me? Yesterday I was roaming this island when a band of pirates came by. I was afraid they would rob me so I hid my treasure and buried it in the sand. My plan was successful as they didn't find it but now I seem to have another problem. I can't find it myself! If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it! Find my treasure, bring it back to me, and I will be sure to reward you with something worthy of any good treasure hunter.

Walkthrough Edit

All of the Treasure Hunter's Quests require the player to search around the Deserted Island the Treasure Hunter is on and find a buried treasure.

The mound of dirt with a red X over it must be right-clicked with a shovel in hand to receive a Desert Island Treasure Cache which needs to be turned in for the quest reward. At times, the buried treasure is not covered with an "X" but slightly visible by a little round mound over it. The treasure chest is hard to spot, but besides the mound, it's the only visible sign.

Reward Edit

Default Seed coordinates Edit

  •  ???