The Dragon Fish is a rare fish in Salt. It can be gained by Fishing in the Deep Water. Dragon Fish is a Food item and can be eaten to increase food. It can also be delivered to a Merchant for the quest "The Catch of a Lifetime".

Obtaining this fish for the first time lets you complete the "Dragonfish" Steam achievement.

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FishBoneEffectIconBelly of Dragonfish

upon consuming
  • Gain 100 Food
  • 10% Chance Consumed

Fishing Table (Player-based estimation)Edit

Item Name Likelihood Deep Water? Time of Day? Comments
Grub Caught 2 Yes Midday Fishing from Sailboat, for 20 minutes, same spot.
Worm Caught 1 Yes 2pm 34E8N (not default seed), Old Pirate Ship, sails raised, heading NNE.
Deer Guts Caught 2 Yes Day Master Fisher Gear + Fisherman's Brew
Spider Guts Caught 1 Yes Night Half moon no land in sight, 3rd fish.
Red Fishing Lure Caught 1 Yes Midday Using all Master Fisher Gear and all fishing buffs
Gambler's Lure Caught 1 Yes Night Default seed, no moon, 218 south
Worm Caught 1 Yes Night Default Seed, 28 West 21 South, 2nd Fish

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