Elite Captain's Journal
uncommon Book
Notes from a day's worth of pirating.

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The Elite Captain's Journal is an uncommon book that drops from Pirate Elite Captains once the player has started the quest A Scholar's Thirst. It drops alongside Hermington's Brew as well as Adamar's Ring.

It describes what supposedly happened to Adamar when he was himself tasked with finding Hermington's Brew in return for information on the cursed chest.

Contents Edit

Yesterday some fool thought he'd try and steal my brew. When I caught him red handed he then offered to buy it. Said he needed it to get some information from some scholar. Well, unlucky for him I don't take people trying to steal my things very nicely. So I taught him a lesson or two.

Let's just say no one will be seeing him around anytime soon. Oh, and when I was done with him I took his gold and some petty ring he had. I'll probably sell it soon when I get a chance. Maybe it'll make the whole thing worthwhile.

— Elite Captain's Journal

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