Eliza's Diary Part One is a common book in Salt. It can be found inside hunting shacks.



Entry 1

I saw Thomas today. Which by nature means today was a good day. I was traveling through the woods hunting for deer when I saw him crouched near a bush, appearing to do the same. He looked so focused with his eyes fixed intently on the hunt. I knew he had zoned out his surroundings and was focused purely on the deer. Seizing the opportunity to sneak up on him, I quickly hurried through the brush and have him a good startle. He smiled, happy to see me and I him of course. We spent the day traveling the island in search for adventure. I'm really enjoying life with Thomas right now. I hope nothing changes.

Entry 2

After spending most of the day hunting deer and gathering fruit, we decided to call it a night as the sun was beginning to set. we din't always avoid the night, but I had heard rumors about strange and evil creatures that lurk in the shadows after dusk. Thomas was always insistent that we not risk it and stay in when we could. I however, the thrill seeker that I am, always pestered him to go out with me into the dark. I wasn't brave enough to make the journey on my own, but with him at my side I would gladly take the challenge.