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Overview Edit

There are a variety of enemy types in the world of Salt. While some are easily defeated with nothing but a club, others will challenge even veteran players of the game. Compiled below is a list of enemies and some of their potential drops. Enemies can be divided into five groups:

Pirates Show/Hide Edit

Thumbs PiratePirate Edit

The basic and most common enemy type in the game. Pirates attack with axes and are relatively easy to defeat even if only armed with a club.

Known drops:

The Captain's Navigator Edit

The navigators is not as common as regular pirates, but just as strong. He is visually identical to the Pirate Cartographer.

Known drops:

Thumbs Pirate CartographerPirate Cartographer Edit

Just as strong as a regular Pirate as well as being the only pirate to drop a compass and the sextant. He is visually identical to the The Captain's Navigator.

Known drops:

Thumbs Pirate ShipwrightPirate Shipwright Edit

The Shipwright pirate is not as strong as the Pirate Captain. These pirates often hold ship-customization items, and besides crafting- these guys are your only source to find such items as they are not to be bought from merchants.

Known drops:

Thumbs Pirate CaptainPirate Captain Edit

A lot stronger than a regular pirate, and a serious threat to rookie adventurers. Easy recognizable from a distance by their white shirt.

Known drops:

Thumbs Pirate BattlemasterPirate Battlemaster Edit

A signficant step up from the general pirate, pirate battlemasters use the same equipment but to much greater effect. You will want to be well-equipped to face these pirates.

Known drops:

Thumbs Pirate CommanderPirate Commander Edit

Just as strong as the pirate battlemaster however is a lot more uncommon as well as being the only pirate to drop rare commander's items. Clearly recognizable by his blue shirt.

Known drops:

Boss Pirate Captains Show/Hide Edit

Thumbs Captain BoboCaptain Bobo Edit

An extremely tough pirate that does a lot of damage and will kill any player without armour in just under 2-3 hits. Visually similar to Captain Buffbeard.

Known drops:

Thumbs Captain BulgeyeCaptain Bulgeye Edit

Another pirate captain that is slightly less powerful than Captain Bobo. Has a bulging eye (as his name would indicate), wears a black shirt and carries an axe.

Known drops:

Thumbs Captain BuffbeardCaptain Buffbeard Edit

Looks like Captain Bobo and Captain Rosebernard. No yet known visual difference between them.

Known drops:

  • Buffbeard's Armor (May be an indicator that Buffbeard is tougher than other pirate captains; need confirmation)

Thumbs Captain RosebernardCaptain Rosebernard Edit

Looks like Captain Bobo and is just as dangerous, however he has different loot and wears a more grey shirt.

Known drops:

Cultists Show/Hide Edit

Thumbs CultistsCultists Edit

A rare but very dangerous enemy. These are to be found at night by a Cultists Altar, and are partially a quest-related enemy. Cultists does not require a lot of hits before going down, but they do a lot of damage towards the player.

Known drops:

Thumbs Cultist ElderCultist Elder Edit

These are a lot more dangerous and enduring than the Cultists, easily recognizable by their white robes. The elder is partially a quest-related enemy. They only appear once the player blows in the Cultist Horn.

known drops:

Creatures Show/Hide Edit

Thumbs Small SpiderSmall Spider Edit

Relatively weak, spiders only come out at night and can be a bit hard to hit with their low stature. They can poison the player, but this effect isn't very dangerous.

Known drops:

Thumbs Large SpiderLarge Spider Edit

Approximately twice the size of small spiders. Their poison does twice the damage of the Small Spider, and they endure twice as much damage.

Known drops:

Thumbs Spider QueenSpider Queen Edit

Much larger than the other spider types. Armed with heavy poison and really heavy blows, this is the most dangerous creature in the category. Like the other spiders, it only appears at night. Before meeting the Spider Queen, a soundtrack will start, which will let you know that you are chased by her. The Spider Queen is very rare and is also a quest-related enemy.

Known drops:

16pxJungle Spider Edit

Contrary to it's relatives, this spider is black and poisons the player by each hit, and the effect is similar to the one that the Small Spider does. This enemy only exists on Jungle Islands.

Known drops:

16pxTiger Edit

Tigers are very though to be considered common, but it's suspected that it only exists one Tiger for each Jungle Island. This is the first enemy to have the "Ragdoll-effect" when defeated.

Known drops:

Ancients Show/Hide Edit

Thumbs Ancient GuardianAncient Guardian Edit

An Ancient Metal Golem who is the protectors of Ancient Statues, which can be destroyed with bombs or an Ancient Pickaxe. Ancient Guardians attack by throwing large rocks at you, but said rocks will be instantly shattered if they hit any obstruction, including boat masts, trees, the ground or water. The amount of damage these rocks do to an unarmored player is unknown. The Ancient guardian will move towards the player in order to do melee attacks, while throwing the said rocks.

Known drops:

Thumbs The Dark GuardianThe Dark Guardian Edit

The Dark Guardian is a very difficult boss. He spawns when the Ancient Petrified Heart of an Ancient Guardian is placed on a Ancient Altar. It must be sacrificed with an Ancient Ceremonial Dagger. The Dark Guardian is twice the size of Ancient Guardian. Do not attempt this fight until you are better prepared for a long battle. The Dark Guardian has long ranged attacks that are very hard to dodge unless you have ample time and distance to anticipate where the ranged attack will land.

The Dark Guardian does have the same AI combat type of attacks and movement like the Ancient Guardian, which means when it spots the player, it will move towards the player while throwing rocks, until close enough to do melee attacks. Whether it's ranged attack or melee attack does lowest damage is not certain.

Known drops:

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