Ethaniel's Diary is a common book in Salt. It can be obtained from hunting shacks.



I'm not sure what wizardry lay upon these creatures, but it infuriates me nonetheless. Everyday I set out to hunt this particular deer. He's been roaming on this island for weeks now and everytime I get him in my sight, he vanishes into thin air! No matter what I do, this deer seems to elude me.

Why, just the other day I was but a mere ten feet from him! I had managed to sneak very close and was about to take the perfect shot when he spotted me! He took off running towards a hill but I was right on his heels. I started to drift farther away from him but I maintained eyesight. The deer quickly went atop and over a hill. Where was my chance! All I needed to do was reach the top of the hill and I would have a great vantage point on the beast. I hastily climbed to the top of the hill and to my surprise, no deer was to be found. How could this be? I had just seen the deer moments ago! The rage inside of me is indescribable. I think I may have to resort to traps...