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The Fisherman is an commonly found NPC found in Jungle Islands. He can be traded with like a merchant and sells a limited stock of items. Unlike the Merchant however, the Fisherman only trades in rare Jungle Fish. The Gambler's Lure is currently the only item that can be bought with Gold.

Like the Innkeeper, the Fisherman have information he can give the player without any costs, but this information will be given with or without having the particular item in the player's inventory.

Thing What the Fisherman has to say about it
Venomous Barracuda So you want to learn about the rare Venomous Barracuda?

Catching one of these creatures won't be easy. The Venomous Barracuda are a predatory fish, not interested in any particular lure or bait. They crave that which is still alive but near death, even having been known to attack shipwrecked sailors scared for their lives.

To catch one of these, you'll need to be clinging to life itself. Remember, it's the smell of impending death that attacts them.

Tiger Fish I've always wanted to catch a Tigerfish, though they are an elusive species. Rumor has it they are picky when it comes to bait. Will only eat certain type. Wonder what type that could be?
Jungle Racer Blink and you'll miss them. The Jungle Racer is known to be one of the fastest fish in the ocean. They can catch and eat almost any other fish no matter how desperately it's trying to get away. They live for the chase and don't care much for stationary bait.
Guar Snout Ankle nibblers they are! Nearly lost a foot a few years back while dangling my feet off the boat. These wretched fish will eat anything that lands in the water. They seem to be populated more heavily near the jungles though. I've rarely heard of them out in the deep waters.
Elusive Joe Elusive Joe is the big price that I am currently after. That's what I have come to call it anyway. It's a rather small pink fish that I caught a glimpse of a long time ago. I was sitting on the shore of a jungle island much like this one. I had just stopped fishing to grab me a bite to eat. That's when I saw a little pink fella pop his eye out of the water and stare at me. He stared at me for just longer than was comfortable to be stared at by a fish, and then under he went. Ever since then, he has been in the back of my mind. I'd even trade my lucky hat to add the little pink fish to my collection.

To even have a shot at being a lucky enough fisherman to catch him, you much first dress like a proper fisherman. I can help you there. I have some very lucky fishing clothes that you can have in exchange for some of the other fish that I am missing from my collection. When you are wearing a full set of fishing clothes, come back and talk to me and I'll give you some more information on Elusive Joe.

Poison Zapping Eel

Yes, of course. The Electric Eel. I have one in my collection. If I recall correctly, and I have exellent memory when it comes to where and how i caught each fish, I caught one using eel bait while wearing my fishing hat. Boy was that eel bait nasty business to get. It disgusts me just to think about it. Anyway, if you are in dire need of the eel, I can trade you one for a blue crab.

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