Basic Information Edit

Food is currently the only survival-based factor in Salt, indicated with a green hunger-bar in the lower left side of the screen. The player can have a total of 1000 Food.

The player needs to eat to gain "food" by consuming foodtypes. Currently there is no vital reasons for consuming food in the game, besides when the food bar is completely depleted it will take twice the time to gain stamina. This effect is not a status in the game, but the developers refer to it as "Hunger" (Read about this by pressing "H" in the game).

Examples of food: Edit

Extra Basic Information Edit

The max amount of Food can be increased by using/consuming the following items:

List of Items have the currently most updated listings of obtainable food in the game.

Here is a dev commenting the subject for future updates (thoughts)



  • When depleted in previous versions of Salt, Food prevented the player from replenishing health. This is no longer happening, as of version 1.6.0

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