Grent is a legendary enemy found on jungle islands. The only tricky way to make this NPC spawn is to have Luthor's Fang in the player's inventory after finishing the "Man Eater" quest. If the player is wearing the Poacher Set, the player can talk to any Ambitious Poacher and deliver the fang. When delivered, it will change any Ambitious Poacher to Grent, Famed Slayer of Luthor, making him replace the ordinary Jungle Spear to the Spear of Tiger Spirit.

Grent is one of the most dangerous enemies in the game that does both melees and ranged attacks. He attacks the same way as an Ambitious Poacher but does way more damage.

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  • Grent will not attack unless he's attacked or the player loses the set bonus.
  • Grent has an heroic version, Heroic Grent.

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When spoken to


What need you from the most ambitious one of them all?



Ah yes, I am by far the greatest. I am the best. I am the most powerful. You will not find anyone as good as me. Although I do lack one thing that will make all of these facts clear to everyone else. I need proof that I have slain the great beast, Luthor. I shall adorn my spear with something of his so that his spirit will be mine to wield. Then everyone will see that I am the one to respect... I am the one to fear... yes... yes.

Ask about spear


Yes! It was I who slayed the great beast. My spear has his spirit! All must cower in fear before me! From the fang of Luthor, I imbued my weapon with his spirit. I am the greatest and most powerful!

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