Hunting Shacks are abandoned small houses that contains equipment fitted for hunters. These shacks are only found on Uninhabited Islands, and there is currently no NPCs to find in or around them. To unlock the challenge chest inside the shack, the player must kill all the deers on the island. It is currently the only source for Deer Scent and Hunter's Arrow.

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Trivia Edit

  • Hunting Shacks tend to have a random lore book on the table, but it's the only place where players can find the book Hunting The Alpha. The Book describes how to hunt the Alpha Stag. The only way to "Spawn" this mythical beast is to use the Deer Scent.

Default seed coordinates Edit

  • 1E / 2S - Hunter Challenge Chest
  • 7E / 10S - Hunter Challenge Chest
  • 9E / 12N - Silver Hunter Challenge Chest
  • 4W / 24N - Silver Hunter Challenge Chest
  • 5W / 8N - Hunter Challenge Chest
  • 6W / 19S - Hunter Challenge Chest

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