Hunting The Alpha is a common book in Salt. It can be found in hunting shacks.



Alpha stags are the largest and thoughest deer of their each individual herd. There is generally one on each island, but they will not be found just wondering about. They are craft; too smart to be seen under normal circumstances. If you are to find one, whether to hunt or just to admire, you will have to lure him out, and I have found how to do so.

I have concocted a special procedure for the creation of a scent that they find irresistble, the details of which I will not list in this text for proprietary reasons. It is the lone source of the wealth that I have procured since it's invention. When the scent is released, deer instinctually appear, and if a stag happens to be near, so will he.

Hunting the Stag

While the stag is quite though, he can be hunted down just like any other deer. And the rewards for doing so are quite worthwhile for a hunter. The pelt of a stag is much better than average, which allows for the creation of improved leather armor. Be sure to aim your shots at the head of neck to avoid damage to his precious pelt.

Trivia Edit

  • According to this book, the best chances to spawn a Alpha Stag is to use the Deer Scent in close proximity to another Deer.